It has officially been a FULL YEAR since The Loud Box podcast launched with its first episode! In this special anniversary bonus, AP takes a look back...View Details

In the season 3 finale, AP breaks down the buzz behind Sha'Carri Richardson and how her positive marijuana test after the 2021 Olympic Trials has spar...View Details

As if last week's episode wasn't crazy enough, in this week's box, AP attempts to make sense of yet another strange cannabis phenom -- Cannabinoid Hyp...View Details

AP returns with a surprising topic of conversation (even she didn't think she would ever discuss): THC Snow...or in other words -- snortable weed! If ...View Details

Get ready for a heart-to-heart as AP explains the reason behind the show's recent 2-month hiatus and the decision she's made regarding the future of t...View Details

In this week's episode, AP is back from a brief hiatus with a brand new special guest! Come catch a vibe as the ladies start off by playing an all new...View Details

S3E4: Bud Gone Bad

We've all thought about it at least once -- can marijuana truly ever expire? In this week's box, AP breaks down the real truth by explaining how to id...View Details

This one's for the music heads! Everyone knows that for the perfect session you need good bud, good vibes, and good music! In this week's episode, AP ...View Details

Ever buy some bud in a different state and wish you could take it home? Or found yourself wanting to bring a little herb with you on your next vacatio...View Details

S3E1: Addicted & Dom

In the season 3 premiere, AP introduces a new game segment to the show and invites a special guest to help her dive into a question that has undoubted...View Details

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